Strategic Cost Management MCQ

Strategic Cost Management mcq

Please find below Strategic Cost Management MCQ 1 – A company has the capacity of production of 80,000 units and presently sells 20,000 units at ₹100 each. The demand is sensitive to selling price and it has been observed that with every reduction of ₹10 in selling price the demand is doubled. What should be … Read more

Corporate Laws & Compliance MCQ 6

Corporate Laws & Compliance

MCQ on Corporate Laws & Compliance Unfair competition under the Competition Act, 2002 means adoption of practices viz. collusive price fixing allocation of markets discriminatory pricing All of the above The power of appointing additional director can be exercised by the Annual General Meeting Board Meeting Statutory Meeting None of the above A company has 9 Directors, on 01-01-2016. The office of 2 Directors have … Read more

Corporate Laws & Compliance MCQ 5

Corporate Laws & Compliance MCQ

MCQ on Corporate Laws & Compliance Matters not to be dealt with in a meeting through video conferencing or other audio- visual means: The approval of annual financial statements The approval of the Board’s report The approval of the prospectus All the above Cost Records are to be maintained as per Companies Act, 2013: U/s 146(1) U/s 147(1) U/s 148(1) None of … Read more

Corporate Laws & Compliance MCQ 4

Corporate Laws & Compliance MCQ

Please find below Corporate Laws & Compliance MCQ The  shall recommend to the Board, the name of an individual auditor or of an audit firm who may replace the incumbent auditor on expiry of the term of such incumbent. Audit Committee Managing Director Nomination Committee Whole time Director Under  Companies  Act 2013, the Company  may be wound up by  and Voluntary … Read more

Corporate Laws & Compliance part three


The general principle of company law is that______________ members of the company in the same class. every member holds equal rights members may have differential rights members may or may not have differential rights None of the above Which of the following would not constitute to be the Key managerial personnel‘ as per section 2(51) of Companies Act, 2013. the … Read more

MCQ Corporate Laws & Compliance


Multiple choice Question for Corporate Laws & Compliance According to Sec 2(6) of Companies Act, 2013 an associate company, in relation to another company, means a company in which that other company has a significant influence. Here significant influence means   Control of at least twenty per cent. of total voting power Control of at least twenty … Read more



MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION FOR CORPORATE LAWS AND COMPLIANCE Payment of Commission on exports made towards equity investment in wholly owned subsidiary abroad of an Indian Company is Permissible Prohibited Forwarded Restricted All Board members and senior management personnel should affirm compliance with the Code on annual basis. The annual report of the Company shall contain a … Read more