INCOME FROM OTHER SOURCES Any income, profits or gains includible in the total income of an assessee, which cannot be included under any of the preceding heads of income, is chargeable under the head ‘Income from other sources’. Thus, this head is the residuary head of income and brings within its scope all the taxable … Read more

Section 80G U/s Income Tax Act 1961

Section 80G

Government of India extends its full support to all tax payers for promotion to charity, donation. A single section (Income Tax 80G) under Income Tax Act 1961 applied to everyone from individual to company. Everyone can take benefits of this section by making donations and charity. Even if your are NRI then also you can … Read more

How to file income tax return


In this article we will discuss about A taxpayer (salaried employee) may want to file his income tax return for reporting his income for a financial year, claiming an income tax refund etc. An income tax return is a form which enables a taxpayer to declare his income, expenses, tax deductions investment, taxes etc. The … Read more