V Lookup is also called Vector Lookup. A vector is a series of data that only occupies only one column or row. LOOKUP will look through this Row or Column to find a specific Value. For Example, Column B of Spreadsheet contain figure, and the adjacent Column C contain Text. LOOKUP will search for the requested figure of column B and return the Result of text contain in Column C.

V Lookup
Picture 1

In Example worksheet below, Column B Contains Salary Details of particular company mentioned & In Column C Corresponding Company name. in this case, LOOKUP value will find which company is appropriate under salary figure you desire.

So, here, Lookup_Value is the cell where the salary is entered (B16), Lookup_vector is the salary Column (A2:A13) & result_Vector is company Name column (B2:B13). So, the formula is:

=LOOKUP(B16, A2:A13, B2:B13). See the Image below for reference,

Picture 2

The result is the nearest Value of Salary Mentioned in B16. I.e. INFOSYS.

Picture 3


VLOOKUP cannot be used on a vector (i.e. On a single, row or Column), but on an array (Multiple Columns or Rows). VLOOKUP searches for the value Vertically down the first Columns of an array.

Picture 4

In case of VLOOKUP, the data we want on current sheet is to be found in another sheet with a single Common data on each sheet. For example, a spreadsheet contains salary sheet of a company, you need to prepare data only with employee name & salary in Hand of each employee.

According to formula syntax, first thing is VALUE – which is common in both sheets i.e. Employee Name, shown in picture below:

V Lookup
Picture 5

Second, after selecting value, select Table you want to grab data from i.e. from another sheet where the common data lies. 


Third, Col_index refers to column number, i.e. salary is in second column, select 2 in this reference.


Fourth, range_lookup, select 1 if you want to appropriate Match (True) or 0 for Exact Match (False).


Then final result, will be salary of Referred cell.

Vlook up
V Look up


One of the difficult tasks to perform & one of the important tools of Excel.

We have 2 different types of data in 2 separate sheets. We need to collaborate this data into a new sheet (Sheet 3). One sheet contains Employee name & Laptop Brands & second sheet Contains Laptop details with their Respective Prices. I want a separate sheet, where in front of Employee Name prices of laptop to be mentioned. So, we used double VLOOKUP Formula

V Lookup

Sheet 1                                    Sheet 2                                             Sheet 3

Without any hassle we will use Double VLOOKUP Function, but do concentrate.

Step 1: Use V LOOKUP formula where employee name is common & use it the way, we have studied earlier.

V Lookup
Step 1

In step above, if you will press enter it will provide you Laptop Brand Name only.

In step 2, In current sheet, we need to refer to sheet 2 to get price of Laptops. So, again write VLOOKUP after equal to sign as mentioned below:

V Lookup
Step 2

Step 3: after bracket ends, refer to sheet 2, & use same Technique to get your values as shown below:

V Lookup
Step 3

Result will be displayed:

V Lookup
Step 4

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